baileymemeadows“I would love to live as a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.”
– John O’Donahue

After the loss of my dear Bo, I knew that another doggy would enter my life and was quite certain that Bo himself would have a say in the matter. I found myself perusing the petfinder site and visiting the golden retriever rescue page, and also wondering if a golden puppy was maybe the way to go… It all became very confusing and I recognized that I was muddled up in the grief process.

Well one day I did come upon a darling little 4 month old puppy rescue out of Texas, half golden retriever and half black lab named Hamlet. I filled out the paperwork, went through the ‘interrogation process’ and passed with flying colors. He would be transferred from the Texas rescue facility to the Seattle airport in about 2 weeks time.

Excited on one hand and still a bit reluctant on the other, one night it became clear to me that this was not the right move. My life being a bit in flux at the moment, I realized that it was an inopportune time to bring a puppy into the mix. I have raised a few dogs from puppyhood and understand the time, patience and work it is to get them to a stage where you can leave the house without crossing your fingers. And so I tearfully let the rescue know that I needed to let go of Hamlet. As difficult as this was, I knew it was for the best. The next morning after relinquishing him, I received an email that he had indeed already found his forever home. This helped somewhat but my heart was still so longing for canine companionship. The golden retriever rescue seemed the best place to go as they are older and more established, but when I had contacted them prior to finding Hamlet, I was told the wait for a dog was anywhere from several weeks to several months.

So there I sat. And as I sat, the hugest wave of direction came over me to go to a certain site online out of Vancouver that had golden retriever information. I had visited the page several times prior to this and it was always new puppies that were up for adoption. I fought the instinct to go there because I knew that wasn’t the answer. But the nudge was so strong I gave in… And the rest is history. There at the top of the page was the completely unexpected photo of a 7 year old golden rescue looking for a home. I immediately phoned the Canadian number and spoke with Don, an amazing man who finds homes for abandoned dogs. He regrettably shared that Bailey had just been adopted by a couple in North Vancouver. My heart sunk. But we chatted and I asked him if he would keep my info in case a similar doggy appeared on the scene.

Fast forward to 5 pm that evening. I receive a call from Don. The couple had decided they would prefer to have a puppy and not an older dog. Would I still be interested…. YES!!! So a meeting was set for the following day in Cloverdale BC for me to meet and walk dear Bailey. I thought I would go, make his acquaintance, and if all went well, return a few days later to bring him home. Well you already know what happened. One look and he was mine.

He is lying next to me as I write this. The most loving, sweet, calm beautiful boy I could have asked for. I call him Bailey Nanda (Nanda meaning ‘Bliss’ in Sanskrit). That’s who he is and what he inspires.

So when you get that heart ‘nudge’ – LISTEN. The angels are whispering (or sometimes shouting!) in your ear. And your loved ones on the other side are very likely to be involved, too.