You know when something that you already ‘know’ sinks in at a deeper level and you get it from a core place within you? Well this is happening to me all around the words, “YOUR THOUGHTS ARE POWERFUL.”I was listening to a beautiful guided meditation that ended with these words when this happened.

I think we can all relate to times when we have entered a room and though no one was speaking a total feeling of dread or unease comes over us. Or in another situation, unbridled joy for no seeming reason at all.

As beings of energy, every thought we think, every word we utter does not remained contained in some bubble. This energy is communicated to the world around us. I was pondering the meaning of all this as I walked Bailey Nanda, my golden retriever, along the beach the other morning. And I asked myself, what am I sending out to the world… Daggers or flowers? It’s sometimes easy when experiencing some unrest in our lives to allow it to overtake our thought patterns often in an endless downward spiral. BUT when we become aware of the repercussions, it does indeed get easier to question if that is the direction we want to go – not only out of personal reasons, but to be shall we call it, environmentally correct? Littering goes far beyond ‘physical garbage.’

And so I find that I am now a much more dedicated steward of thought. If it doesn’t serve me or the world at large, let it go. Find, rather, one of the myriad reasons I have to be grateful and share that. Years ago when I was living in Nashville, I ran a song writer’s night at a local venue. One older gentleman named Joe who was a regular participant sat on stage one evening and played a song I will never forget. It was entitled, “The City of Contentment is in the State of Mind.”

Profound, dear Joe. Share Flowers. No daggers.