I recently read an article that has had such an amazing impact on my overall approach to life that I had to share the message. It was all about letting go of complaining, starting each day with a firm persuasion to remain calm and neutral even in the face of great adversity.

Now I don’t normally consider myself a huge grumbler. Yes, there are times when the energy can run a little amok and I find myself a bit more verbose than others. Take for instance my recent reaction when folks asked me about my 4th of July ‘adventure’. My response: “AHHHHHH!!!!” I would ramble on about being horror-stricken by the incessant war-zone atmosphere that pervaded the entire Birch Bay beach area (where I now live) – so loud that the walls shook and windows rattled. I would mention being grateful that my cat is deaf and my golden retriever, Nanda, was drugged. I, on the other hand, suffered through…

Before I continue with the sharing of how this wonderful practice can usher in great inner peace, let me preface it with how I would NOW respond since implementing this ‘tool’:

How was your 4th of July? “Well, it was pretty loud. And If I find myself still living in Birch Bay next year, I will opt to go somewhere else for the night.” Done. Period.

So this is what I have learned. No matter the circumstance, complaining or carrying on about it in no way makes the situation easier to handle. On the contrary. It exacerbates it. Life is full of ups and downs. I now make a pact with myself each morning to NOT COMPLAIN. Even the very act of doing this brings me the most amazing sense of peace. It ushers in a slower breath pattern. It calms the heart. It empowers me to fully understand that it is ALWAYS up to me how I react in any given situation.

I am on day five of this ‘experiment’ and it is working beautifully. Red light? Just breathe. Twenty minute long train? Chance to meditate. Someone attempts to engage me in a pity party or anger session? I choose not to participate.

I invite you to give this a go. Be aware of what’s going on inside of you and around you. If you catch snatches of conversations in your environment (without being an eavesdropper) just get a sense of the quality of the exchange. So much of our ‘communication’ is caught up in negativity, blame and divisiveness. It really is totally up to us whether we walk a path of peace regarding both our internal self-talk as well as the banter going on around us. We can choose to remove ourselves from either scenario.

Making the effort to embrace the positive and relinquish the negative will escalate the experience of joy in your life in ways you may not even expect. So my invitation to you is just that… Go from grumbling to gratitude whenever possible and invite joy into your life by letting go of complaining.

Peace is an inside job.peaceisaninsidejob