This journey through the chakras my yogis and I are returning to a theme we have visited often in the past and one that I believe deserves to be tuned into at every opportunity – and that is gratitude. Thankful for not only the beauty and gifts of our lives, but also for the more trying moments and challenges that are often the building blocks to becoming truly open and heart-centered on this amazing earth trip we find ourselves experiencing.

So last week we embraced gratitude from the perspective of Muladhara, our root chakra. This is our seat of stability, security and earth connection. We opened with a beautiful quote from Rumi:

Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life. – Rumi

Again, we find balance in this energy field when we are feeling stable and secure and these feelings relate to more that just physical security; it’s truly a sense of belonging, a moment by moment trust that we are supported on our path and therefore not holding on too tightly.

I know for myself that I often forget to surrender my weight to gravity. Whether walking, sitting or even lying in bed, there is often a sense (usually subconscious) that I need to ‘hold myself up.’ Now when I realize I am doing this, it’s a chance to breathe, to let go and to allow the support of the earth to carry me. (This is why I often remind all of us in class in various yoga poses to surrender your weight to the earth.)

Even now – let’s check in- are you clenching anywhere? Jaw? Shoulders? Buttocks? (that’s a real important one… unclench!) Let it all go – but in an upright and aware manner. It’s amazing what opens up when we do this. Energy FLOWS unencumbered. Channels open. We are think more clearly, react more positively to things that might have shaken us, we love more deeply – self and others – from this place of BALANCE and support.

What I have been doing at various intervals throughout the day is just saying to myself, “State check.” Where Am I? Am I HOLDING on too tightly? Ahhhh… breathe and let go. Feels SO good.

That is my goal for us from here on out: A grateful, cognizant, free-flowing sense of balance and stability, that lights our path and lightens our load.

Wear Gratitude Like a Cloak... Rumi

Wear Gratitude Like a Cloak… Rumi