“This too shall pass.” Growing up I can still remember these words shared by my Grandma, said in reference to some current life upheaval. My mom echoed this sentiment often in her own life as well. It typically related to times that were painful and difficult, suggesting that an end and a turning point would come to relieve the turmoil.

But now I know it refers to ALL life occurrences, the challenging as well as the joyous. And it’s in that acceptance and ‘knowing’ that true freedom comes.

This idea is beautifully mirrored in a quote from the Buddhist author and teacher, Andrew Holecek in his book, “The Power and the Pain”:

Imagine that we are driving after a rainstorm and see a brilliant rainbow. We stop to admire the vision, and as we gaze in wonder it doesn’t even cross our mind to try to grab the rainbow. We don’t think about taking it home, pushing it away, or trying to buy it. We just appreciate the play of light and space, and the fleeting nature of the appearance makes it that much more precious… Imagine how our relationship with the world would change if we realized it is all made of rainbows.
– Andrew Holecek

Every experience, the trying as well as the magnificent, adds up to the magical gift of being alive. Now.

My wish for you: An endless flow of rainbow experiences that fill your always expanding heart.