I have a proposition for you. Finish reading just this sentence and then pause.

OK. Did you pause?

Now check in. Is your brow furrowed? Is your jaw tense? Are your shoulders hunched? Are your fists clenched? If any (some or even ALL) of those physical tendencies are active, it’s time for some generous self- compassion.

Begin by breathing. REALLY breathing. Close your eyes if that helps you slow down. You can continue reading (if you choose) after a couple of deep inhales and full exhales.

Now find one word that resonates with you, that supports a letting go.
Perhaps PEACE. Or SURRENDER. Or GRACE. Choose a word that encourages you to pause and just BE. And then tuck it into your heart for safe keeping, where it will grow and flourish and call you back to your natural state of balance and ease, bringing you home to YOU.

One word. In this moment. A simple companion reminding you that you are complete and worthy of a life of joy each and every moment of this earth journey.