Maureen here and welcome to DOG WALK TALK.

Celestial BlessingsMay I briefly introduce myself… I am “human mother” to 2 dogs and 2 cats, author of five books ranging from sound healing to yoga to personality type to wine to pets… Click here to learn more about all of that.;)

The idea for this blog was born when it occurred to me how many amusing, inspirational and novel ideas emerge during my daily jaunts with the hounds. (Well at least amusing, inspirational and novel to me…) So I thought they just might be worthy of sharing.

Our walks are sometimes sprightly, sometimes dawdling, and sometimes I come back with arms a foot longer than whence I departed… But no matter the route, the pace or the disposition that day, each walk provides fertile ground for a myriad of philosophical musings that I so enjoy sharing with my canine companions. They are quite the receptive audience and only rarely challenge my opinions. Now as far as the neighbors are concerned, I am most likely branded with the moniker “crazy woman who talks to herself” (ergo keep your distance from HER.) But should they discover this DOG WALK TALK blog, they will perhaps better understand the conversations that previously appeared quite suspect.

And so my friends, I will begin to share some of these reflections. I would be happy to hear your response, perhaps some of the ponderings you yourself may experience during outings with your own 4-leggeds or any random flashes of insight my writing may inspire.

Cheers & Blessings!