Dear Spirit,

Open wide the vistas of my soul!

Allow me to see beyond

my repetitiveness of thought

my narrowness of vision

to the vast expansiveness
that awaits me

when I release fear

and fully open
my heart.

– Maureen

power of spirit

Open wide the vistas of my soul.

It seems to me that there is a lot of fear bubbling under the surface both inside me and wherever I go. I feel it in my interactions with others, in public places, with the environment in general. Perhaps it’s a result of everyone moving at a ridiculous pace, racing God knows where, schedules overbooked, cell phones ringing, texts coming in and generally caught up in a whirlwind of busy-ness.

This leaves little time for the most important things in life like breathing with awareness, taking the time to appreciate the blossoming of the spring flowers, and for just doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I know I have to remind myself that THAT is OKAY. It’s more than okay. It’s necessary.

And when we find ourselves in this tornado-type existence, the tension builds, the fear bubbles up and we miss out on LIFE.

So I would like to share a little flow with you that I am calling “The Power of Spirit Flow” – it takes only a few minutes. The purpose is to connect us with our solar plexus energy – the inner god/goddess energy – the peaceful warrior who KNOWS that life is meant to be lived one moment at a time, without fear of missing something, fear of what’s to come, fear of pausing.
May it serve you well.

P.S. Please forgive that you can’t see my feet in the video.:) oops.

When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you. – Lao Tzu

It is becoming more and more apparent to me that  the general population is experiencing a Spleen imbalance.  Do you agree?  Well, let me elaborate…

Among other tasks, the Spleen (Spleen/Pancreas) in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is the organ system that processes and transports the energy of the food we eat to create Qi (energy) and blood, thereby nourishing the whole body. It purifies  and  manufactures the blood and keeps it  inside the vessels. (If you bruise easily or have bleeding gums, blood in stool, etc this would indicate an imbalance in the Spleen arena.) and in a healthy state, prevents organ prolapse.

When out of balance from an emotional perspective there is WORRY. (Anyone out there relate to worry??) One of the primary functions of the Spleen (along with it’s paired organ, the Stomach) is digestion – not just of food, but also the endless stream of thoughts and outside interactions and distractions that we ‘digest’ every day. An imbalance leads to a sense of not having enough… be that of love, food, money or any other commodity, hence, the tendency to look outside of oneself  to alleviate this sense of lack. Just ONE more cookie… ONE more drink…. ONE more pair of shoes…

And where this is also becoming blatantly apparent is in our desire to fulfill relationship connections – by looking to the outside world through digital technology. Endless texting, emailing, Facebooking (is that a word?) is shown to be actually ‘rewiring’ our brain and in so doing, diminishing our capacity to focus.

When we realize that this kind of ‘satisfaction’ will never be quelled by outside sources and that a true sense of peace and inner fulfillment can only come from within, this is a huge first step to recovering balance.

There are a few things that we can do to proactively initiate this process. Acupressure, sound (toning) and meditation are highly recommended for ushering in equilibrium. I will share some ideas that you may wish to include in your daily ‘repertoire’ of activities.


This is such a simple, powerful practice that opens pools of energy located just under the surface of the skin, inviting a more elegant flow of Qi (energy) through the channels of our body.

Here is a point that can bring balance to the Spleen: SP 4 “Grandparent/Grandchild”
Located on the arch of the foot in the dip below the first metatarsal bone, about one thumb’s width from the ball of the foot.

This is a key point in alleviating worry as well as indigestion (another ‘symptom’ of worry) and foot cramps. Using the acronym “BPI” (breath, pressure, intention) press gently and then with increasing pressure as you breathe deeply with full awareness on the point. Hold for between 1 and 3 minutes. (This point can also be accessed by rubbing the ball of the opposite foot or your heel on the area – massaging back and forth.)



We are vibratory Beings. The healing capabilities of sound are simple, non-invasive and powerful. As Jonathon Goldman, wonderful author, musician and sound healer states, “Frequency plus Intention equals Healing”.

The sound of ‘HU’ (sounds like ‘who’) is the Taoist Healing Sound for the Spleen. To practice this I suggest holding the hands gently under the ribs on the left side of the body (where the spleen is housed), breathing in and exhaling to the sound of ‘HU’ several times. Your intention can be around balance and the knowledge that we find our true feelings of fulfillment and peace of mind inside ourselves. Perhaps affirm, “Everything I need comes from within. I am safe.”


I cannot emphasize enough the benefits of slowing down and taking the time to go within. I believe many people who would LIKE to meditate don’t because they think they need to spend at least 30 minutes or more a day in lotus position, eyes closed and quarantined from the outside world.

While I do agree that being alone in a quiet place and having the ability to close your eyes is highly recommended, even a five minute ‘retreat’ to this inner world can do wonders for us, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The other ‘excuse’ I hear most often, is “I don’t know how to meditate” Or “I can’t turn off my mind.” Well, the National Science Foundation reports that our brains produce up to 50,000 thoughts a day or more (the majority of these thoughts being the SAME ONES), so naturally it is a learned process to still the mind. Stilling the mind, however, doesn’t mean there will not be thoughts. It’s what we do with them. When a stray idea enters the realm of your meditation, rather than become frustrated, acknowledge it and come back to center.

One of the easiest meditations I have found is HAMSA (Sanskrit mantra that relates to the sound of the breath: ‘Ham” on the inhale – sounds like ‘hum’, and “Sa” on the exhale.) Allowing your belly to expand on the in breath to the sound of Ham… and contract on the out breath to the sound of Sa… feel the flow of the breath entering and leaving your body, smooth, deep and complete. Even just a couple of minutes of this can tell your adrenals that ‘all is well’ and make your spleen happy, too. (And by the way, leave your phone in the off position – at least for this short duration. It gets easier.)

So next time you are feeling ’emotional hunger pangs’ whether for actual food or some other type of gratification, bring awareness to the amazing organ of the Spleen that works tirelessly to instill balance and nurturing in our lives. You are worth the effort.

Wishing you health, contentment and an overall sense of Well-Being.

But How Do I DO That?

“Surrender” is rather the buzz word these days and I understand why. Attachments are cumbersome and limiting and often painful.

And I have heard others as well as myself express it THIS way:
“I am trying to surrender.”

But wait …. think about that. TRYING to surrender? If there is a spiritual oxymoron, that would be it. The whole gift of the process is negated when you have to TRY.

So I had a little conversation with the Angelic Realm. It went like this:


Their answer…”Let Go.”

My reply: HOW DO I DO THAT?

Their answer…”Trust.”

My reply (no surprises here): HOW DO I DO THAT??

Their answer…”Practice. NOW… and now… and now… and now… until you don’t need to anymore.

Then I thought, “OK. There’s a plan. Not sure what that last part meant, but at least I have a road map. And THEN as I pondered further, it all made sense to me. THERE REALLY IS NOTHING TO LET GO OF. We are all intrinsically connected throughout time to EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. We are pure consciousness. We are pure energy. We never ‘lose’ anything.

It felt like a fresh breeze on a Spring day…

Join me if you choose in saying, “Ahhhhhhhh…… I know I AM:
One in Spirit.
One in Love.
One with ALL. ”

I ‘surrender’ to this.

– Maureen


One recent night after a fitful bout of tossing and turning and patchwork dreams, I woke to the sound of the alarm just as my body was finally going, “Ahhhhhh……” and slipping into some deep sleep. As I realized that slumber was not going to happen, my mind began to review the to-do list of what seemed like an endless log of ‘shoulds’ that awaited my rising. So I stretched and urged myself to breathe and come into some joyful thoughts to send into my day ahead.

That was when I heard it. A message that was clear and precise and I just knew, a direct transmittal from the Angels. This is what they said:

“Stop. Be still. Listen. All is well.”

No mistake here, I pondered. And this directive then shifted other more pressing to-do list activities down a few notches as I realized this was a message that perhaps OTHERS could benefit from as well.

So a ‘fitting’ Pocket Guru image emerged onto paper and I went to scan it in so that I could share the words as well as the illustration – and then get on with my day. But somehow the scanner was not responding. Hmmmm, I thought. Well, turn off the machine and turn it back on. No luck. OK, unplug it and plug it back in again. Still nothing. Check the wireless connection. No connection. So now this had become a priority. I WAS SENDING OUT THIS INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE BEFORE I DID ANYTHING ELSE ON MY LIST. DAMN IT. OK. Look up number for the manufacturer. Get them on the phone. Twenty minutes of try this, try that and NOTHING. Now I know better. When this happens, get up, take a walk, get a glass of water, do SOMETHING other than try to figure it out. But, no. I kept on. Then, finally, checking out the software, I decided to re-download it from the web and see if it would help. And bingo. There it was. I was (finally) ready to roll with it.

And THAT’S when it occurred to me. And I knew the Angels were standing over my shoulder smiling and shaking their heads – when I realized that the message that I was intending to deliver was EXACTLY what I needed to hear during this whole episode in frustration. Stop. Be still. Listen. All is well.

So that is what I share with you today. If you find yourself in a conundrum of sorts, don’t chase your tail. Take a break. Breathe. And listen to angelic guidance. And know whether it appears so or not, all is indeed exactly as it should be.

Wishing you unprecedented ease and flow…

Stop. Be Still. Listen...

Stop. Be Still. Listen…

To see the World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour…
– William Blake

A recent yoga class I shared with my beautiful students centered on the root chakra (Muladhara) and all the gifts it offers when we bring this field into balance.  This chakra represents stability, security and a knowing that all of our needs are met.  It invites us to fully realize our connection to Mother Earth and in so doing, the many beautiful  ways she shares her abundance with us on a daily basis. When we take the time to pause and realize the enormity of these gifts, we allow ourselves to become one with them… Imagine the endless waves rolling in on a beach, the  the countless stars in a night sky, the amazing vegetation that feeds and heals us… All around us this ‘message of abundance’ – and key here is that we are ONE WITH THAT.  When we truly appreciate and feel that unity, abundance  will support us in our own lives in beautiful ways.

Here is a short meditation to usher you into that unity with the gifts from our dear Mother Earth.

Picture yourself in a beautiful lush green valley under the most magnificent tree… It’s autumn and  the fall sun is shining softly, warming you.  As you lie here, feel the connection between your body and Mother Earth.  With every breath you become one WITH this living, breathing planet… Feel it in every cell of your being – connecting not only to the earth itself but to the abundance she offers. Allow every sense to be awakened now as you feel the sturdy foundation beneath you, as you inhale the crispness in the fall air, as you hear the sound of the birds above you in the trees, as you watch amazing cloud formations drift across deep blue skies…  Allow her to cradle you, support you and lavish her gifts upon you.  Continue to breathe now, gently and fully, and feel yourself become one with this loving support with every inhale and exhale.  United.

AFFIRMATION:  With each and every breath, the abundance of Mother Earth grounds and supports me.


After the recent loss of my dear doggy and a health scare with my OTHER doggy I was feeling rather vulnerable in the heart area.  (Still am as a matter of fact.)  And knowing that grief is a journey that must be traveled THROUGH as opposed to taking detours of busy-ness and/or sticking fingers in our ears and covering our eyes to block out the pain, there was still a part of me struggling with the process.  I meditate daily, I do yoga at least daily, I read and listen to metaphysical texts and programs… With all of these ‘spiritual’ activities going on in my life, did I REALLY need to look OUTSIDE myself for comfort and solace?  Wasn’t that a ‘weakness’?

And then the answer became clear.  The answers are indeed always within us, directly inside our beautiful hearts.  And it is the heart light that shines its radiance OUTWARD to guide us to those people, those books, those songs or programs… to whatever will bring a balm of tenderness to the aching found within.

Divine Love is within us and around us, permeating our very existence when we open ourselves to it.  The ‘weakness’ (or perhaps better said, misunderstanding) is a belief that we should be ‘strong’ enough to do it all on our own.  No matter HOW much you meditate.

I have found sound to be a very healing gift as well, not just in musical form, but in the toning of specific sounds to tenderly smooth the jagged edges of a heart in pain.  Specifically the Taoist healing sound of “HAAAAA”  as well as the Sanskrit seed sound for Anahata (heart chakra) of YAM.  The latter sound I choose to do in a round of ‘chakra play’ that incorporates not only the Yam sound, but a breath in silence (the seed ‘sound’ of the Crown and Divine connection.)  I use hand motions as well to deepen the unfolding.  For the “Yam” sound, I place both hands (palms) on my heart space and for the silent breath of the crown, I open my palms in front of my heart, inviting in the guidance and healing of the Divine.  I usually do nine rounds of each of the ‘sounds’ followed by either total silence or an affirmation to bring closure to the session.   In this case, the affirmation might be,
“Heart open, Divinely sheltered, Healing now.”

Click here for an audio of this chakra play for the transformation and soothing of grief.

Honoring the Divine with us all.  Namasté.

(This was ‘penned’ one month ago as of this post… Aug. 21st, 2014)

Monkey in Meadows

Monkey in Meadows

Endings always come at last
Endings always come too fast
They come too fast
But they pass too slow…
I love you, and that’s all I know.

– Art Garfunkel, All I Know

Francesca (aka ‘Monkey’) went home today.

Our journey together began 15 1/2 years ago in Nashville, Tennessee. I had gone into a place called “Love at First Sight” , an adoption center for homeless kitties and doggies just to ‘browse around’. I had three cats and two dogs waiting at home for me, so the visit was intended to be just that – a time to share some loving and hugs with the tenants.

Well, just as I was walking OUT the door to leave a gentleman was walking IN the door carrying the most adorable puppy I think I have ever seen. The first words out of my mouth were, “WHO is that??!!” He went on to explain that this little girl had been ‘deposited’ on the side of the road in a box… and he had thank goodness found her. Good Samaritan that he was, he had taken her in, had her vet-checked and vaccinated and ready to adopt. He wasn’t able to keep her himself as he already had SIX dogs of his own at home. This I know was fate. Had I left this shop even seconds earlier, the destined meeting would not have taken place. And Francesca came home with me.

In fall of 2001 the entire zoo and I made the trek across country to Birch Bay, Washington. It was here that Monkey would learn to love beaches (and go knee-deep in the water thinking she was ‘swimming’) and the fabulous meadows near our home where we went walking almost every day in every season.

She had quite the strong personality – a mix of chow and to the best of my knowledge, border collie. I’m drawn to believe this due to her penchant for wanting to ’round people up’ – earning her the affectionate nickname of “butt biter.” (Folks who visited learned to sit down very quickly when they entered our home.) She also possessed quite the dry sense of humor. It wasn’t only human behinds that were subject to her nipping, she also loved to nibble a cat bottom or two. When I asked her why she did this, her answer was, “Because it’s there.” (She also made it quite recognized that while she endured her feline siblings, she did not really understand what purpose they served.)

Every morning started with a healing ritual with Mom: acupressure, a little massage, and chakra clearing followed by Mom doing the “Doggy Breakfast Dance & Song.” (Someday I will have to put it up on youtube.) The evenings found us dancing to Bobby Darin singing, ‘Beyond the Sea’ (well Bo, my golden retriever, and I danced – Monkey watched from the bed with a large grin.) Quite the musical household.

As she began to slow down over the past few months, her legs became quite unstable and curtailed a lot of our outings, specifically the beach as she could no longer manage the rocky terrain. We did though, even just days before her departure, make one last trip to the meadows, where she sat with the sun warming her back and the breeze blowing lightly through her fur. The look on her face was priceless and though it did take it’s toll on her little body, it was obvious that it was well worth the pain.

We had numerous conversations over the recent past regarding her desire to ‘go home.’ More than willing to walk the road with her to the end, I also wanted her to know that it was important that she tell me when it was becoming ‘too much.’ I adhere to the beautiful words shared with me by my friend and acupressure teacher, “Dance to the end of the song” – and I must say, what a fine, intricate, tender dance it has been.

The words of Henry Scott Holland quite beautifully sum up the feeling that I had today as I held her and kissed her one last time….

And that is…

I am standing upon the seashore.

A ship at my side spreads her white sails to the ocean.

She is an object of beauty and strength.

I stand and watch her until at length she hangs like a speck of white cloud just where the sea and sky come to mingle with each other.

Then someone at my side says: “There, she is gone!”

“Gone where?”

Gone from my sight. That is all.

Her diminished size is in me, not in her.

And just at the moment when someone at my side says:

“There, she is gone!”

There are other eyes watching her coming, and other voices ready to take up the glad shout:

“Here she comes!”

And that is dying.

~Henry Scott Holland~

And so my beloved Francesca, I thank you for the invaluable lessons that you have taught me, most notably over these past few weeks. First. the value of this moment – this PRECIOUS moment is all that matters. Ever. And, also so importantly, this: As I shared with friends the latest on Monkey’s state of health, the outpouring of love and prayers was just inspiring. In the past, while I would have been extremely touched by these offerings, she taught me to REALLY feel them. To take them in and honor them. Which in turn expanded the size of my heart and my ability to receive love. Gifts do not get any sweeter than that.

I will love you forever and ever and ever, dear Monkey. Until we meet again…

PS Enjoy your time with Genesis… he has been waiting for you.

A Spider Named Mesa

Well I must say that the story I am about to tell you would have panned out a bit differently years ago. While I never would have wanted to HARM a spider, I did tend to be a bit squeamish around them and would find someone else to gracefully transfer them to a location OUTSIDE my house. And then as the years went on, I became a little braver and could handle the relocation duties to a more preferred environment on my own. And that is still the general rule though sometimes I have the feeling that perhaps they would like to hang out a little bit longer… and that is what happened this time.

A few nights ago I spotted a spider situated in the corner of my bedroom and though we eyed one another, she didn’t introduce herself right away. She appeared content as was I, seeing as she was several feet above me. The following evening I found her in my bathroom, again high up on the ceiling tucked cozily up in another corner. This was when she informed me that her name was Mesa. (Really. She did.)

She then maneuvered her way in to the shower stall and must have been a fan of saunas because there she stayed as the steam proceeded to engulf her. (Or maybe she just enjoyed my singing.)

The next day, she was gone. I looked around and didn’t see her anywhere. I figured she must have finally gotten hungry and thinking there wasn’t much to eat around this joint, headed to a more conducive hang out. But lo and behold, the next day, there she was back in the shower stall.

Each day we would have a little conversation, nothing too deep mind you, but always refreshing. She disappeared one more time but returned once again, this time a bit lower down on the bathroom wall. I bid her a good night’s rest and shared with her that if she got much lower to the floor a resident kitty cat might not treat her as amicably as I. With that warning shared, I turned off the light and headed to bed.

Shortly after 5 a.m. I rose to go the bathroom. (This may seem like more information than is necessary, but believe me, it is pertinent to the story). The doggies, hearing me get up, decided they needed to go, too, so I headed over to the sliding glass doors to my backyard to let them out. It was already getting light outside and as I opened the doors, there I saw Mesa, poised to move through the exit as well. “I guess you want to go out, too,” I shared with her and with that she gingerly moved all of her eight legs along the wall and out on to my back deck. I realized that was probably the last time I would see her. I wished her well and thanked her for her company.

So you might think that I am a little crazy… But I want to tell you about a book that might change your mind because it further opened my eyes to the belief that all of us are connected, be it a spider, your dog or your next door neighbor. (We can’t always choose these things…);) The book I am referring to is “Kinship With All Life” by J. Allen Boone. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. If you HAVE read it, I recommend reading it again. It is a beautiful tale about lessons inspired by a german shepherd named Strongheart that led him to understanding that ALL of life deserves this kind of respect.

“Accompanying each one of these lessons was the indirect but important reminder that he and almost all other animals, except those spoiled by human association, always live out from a pure heart, that is, from pure motives. He made it clear that if I wanted to get along with him or any other living thing, I must live out from a pure heart and pure motives, too.”

And on that note, I wish you the joy of experiencing this beautiful ‘web of connection’ – and to quote Mr. Boone once more:

“The most effective way to achieve right relations with any living thing is to look for the best in it,   and then help that best into the fullest expression.”

Blessings to all.



It takes courage for a man to listen to his own goodness and act on it.
Do we dare to be ourselves?
That is the question that counts.
– Pablo Casals

This is all about surrendering to the gifts of Vishhudha, the throat chakra. When we are in flow, we are able to share our unique expression with the world from a place of authenticity, doing what Pablo Casals asks us if we dare… To be ourselves.

Recently I was pondering this quote as I began my little morning ‘ritual.’ It begins with writing a few lines in my gratitude journal and that particular morning this is what I wrote: “I trust that I am being led. I surrender to the doors that are closing AND opening. (Thank you, Spirit.)

Well, the next step in my ritual is to read a passage from a book called “More Language of Letting Go” by Melody Beattie. I turned that day’s reading and felt goosebumps all over by whole body as I read the subject line for the day, “Go Through the Door That’s Open.” Wow. Talk about a clear message.

This prompted me to record a meditation visualization to that looks at ALLOWING these doors to open. Rather than beating down the portal that you think is ‘THE WAY’ – surrendering to the flow of Universal timing and direction… and in so doing, daring to be our authentic selves, heart-based and at peace.

Click here for an MP3 recording of this meditation.

As I find myself reading The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle for the third time (and no, not back to back…) the importance not only of living in the moment but of SURRENDERING to the moment becomes ever more apparent.

Surrender often gets a bad rap in our culture, equated with giving up. In this instance it has rather everything to do with giving IN – giving in to what IS.

Recently in a yoga class somewhere between down dogs and thymus thumping (we tap our thymus to activate our immune system every class), the following words spontaneously burst out of me, “WHY WOULD WE EVER RESIST WHAT IS?!” It was such a moment of clarity regarding the futility and total waste of energy that we expend when we belabor (and even try to CHANGE) what ‘is.’

And not that what ‘is’ is always a comfortable experience. But resisting it just increases the discomfort and draws you deeper into the drama. This has led me to a favorite new affirmation: “Today is the most fabulous day of my life.” (I say this regardless of the circumstances.) BECAUSE today – and this moment – are the only things that are ‘real.’ The gratitude that I feel for having the honor of even experiencing this earthly trip is finding its way into my every breath and propelling that energy into what will become my future.

For those occasions that I find myself spending perhaps too much time ruminating about a past episode or coming into panic over a projected future event, I do my best to come back into the now. Mr. Tolle offers what I consider a grand piece of wisdom when he suggests that if we ask ourselves whether we are present, WE ARE. How simple is that?

One of Deepak Chopra’s beautiful Spiritual Laws of Yoga is also a wonderful mantra to incorporate into your daily practice in the realm of surrender:

Om Anandahm Namah – the essence of which translates into “My actions are blissfully free from attachment to outcome.”

So breathe. And be. And treasure this moment and the magic of surrender.




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